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Apr 11, 2010 6:00pm EDT
. >>> the memorials have begun for the miners skilled in the explosion in west virginia. we're going to take you there and explain what happens next. don't go away. we're coming right back. >>> search crews are continuing to recovery bodies from the west virginia coal mine blast. 29 people were killed in monday's explosion. it is being labeled the nation's worst mining disaster in 40 years. president obama says there will be a thorough investigation and accountability for the incident. meantime mourners are remembering those who lost their lives. on the first sunday following the blast many attended church prayer services. >> reporter: they wore many hats, including a coal miner's helmet. the 29 men killed in the upper big branch mine were outdoors men athletes and musicians. they were brothers fathers and friends. >> there is a bond there that i can't explain to no one. it just is a bond that -- brotherhood. >> reporter: has rescuers begin to recover the bodies from monday's explosion loved ones struggle with grief, as they recall loved ones that range from 20 to 61. the west virginia state med
Apr 25, 2010 6:00pm EDT
spent the afternoon in west virginia at a memorial for the 29 men killed in the mine explosion there. the president watched as family members placed hard hats on crosses in memory of the victims. investigators still haven't been able to get into the mine in mont coal to find identity exactly what happened. >>> a robber target it had the wrong person. his chosen victim was a police officer. he was off duty when he was held up on old silver hill road in suitland. he fired at the suspect but did not hit him. the robber got away with the money. >>> a fun ride turns wild and dangerous for two kids at a carnival. wait until you hear what happened at this ride that left them dangling in midair. >>> a firestorm tonight over a new law that lets police officers in one state ask if you are a legal immigrant or not. stay right where you are. we are coming right back. fors force  >>> take a look at this huge fire in the philippines. it destroyed what's left of ashanti town leaving thousands of people homeless. it took 200 fire trucks to put out the fire that burned about 300
Apr 3, 2010 6:00pm EDT
virginia and duke play later this evening in a marquee match-up with the first game just under way. michin state spartans are making the second straight trip to the final 4. they are playing cinderella. butler playing in the hometown. just getting out of the early round was a victory in itself. >> we are fortunate to beat murray state. if we would have lost it would have been successful year. you get a chance to play in the tournament from a nondcf league. that is a heck of an accomplishment. when you can do it because you played near to perfection during your conference season or you have won your conference tournament. right then and there, that is a success. >> on the ice tonight in colorado are the capitals. >> lots of good stuff going on. i love this time of year. >> thanks for that. >> we didn't have one last weather word. we have to say good-bye. lots of sunshine and back at 11 with more weather. bye-bye. 
Apr 4, 2010 6:00pm EDT
virginia team, in injured his need -- injuries his knee on this collision. it was officially ruled a torn acl for butler. and his coach is often criticized but got a lot of points when he consoled his star and hugged him. duke wins 78-57 and will play butler monday night. here is coach kay. >> it is unbelievably gratifying because that's what college is about. college isn't about what i've done before, college is about what they're doing right now. and so, yeah, we're all into the moment of their moment. >>> brad stevens, 33 years young, head coach of butler taking on michigan state. tied all the way. final minutes, haywood lines up the baseline but the bulldogs pass the board and back to hey word. butler up 4. two seconds to go, spartans down 2. cory luscious tries to miss the second rebound and he misses but butler gets it and seals it for the home school from indy, butler will play for a national championship. here is the post game locker room. >> that's butter basketball. you find a way to get things done. you find a way to get things done. we'll do it monday. [ overlapping speakers ]
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4